Avec une typographie fun et « in motion » pour donner vie et poids aux textes (à la Good Life de Kanye West ft. T-Pain 😉 ) , le clip vidéo de Sw@g, titre issu de Man of Gut, dernier projet fraîchement released de l’artiste A.k.o, pourrait à lui seul représenter la quintessence de l’univers de cet EP. Eclectisme, contraste et cohérence sont les mots qui reviennent.

Une occasion de choix pour la team IGD de se plonger dans l’univers riche en couleurs d’un créatif d’une impénitente piété.


We already know your full name ( Ako Eta Agbor ), your birthdate and some other few details, thanks to your team ( and internet) . What can you add to help us knowing you better? What are your inspirations and reasons to rhyme?

I started rapping because I wasn’t sociable growing up. I was very poor at school. I was a trouble child, So when I listened to All Eyez On Me album by 2 Pac, I fell in love with rap and saw myself getting absorbed by it.


Some people have random (or well structured) thoughts, start to imagine a rythm, humming around and build verses like a puzzle to catch the melody. Some others hear a beat and just freestyle on it, elaborating the text gradually. What about you? What is or are, your Writing Process?

To be honest I don’t have a particular format. Some lyrics just come before the beat, some come when the beat is there. At times its humming, at times I got some written words that just fit in.


Another man’s food is another man’s poison.


Back in time, we have in mind that cover that you dropped for the King Generation EP (that has never been released) that portrays a deep paradox. A gagged priest surrounded by all kind of things that preach vice.  What was your state of mind at this moment and, how has it evolved through the time ?

That cover was intended to be the cover for this EP, but back then we lost most of our datas and decided to shift to restart from a fresh. My state of mind is still the same.

Another man’s food is another man’s poison.

We are all God’s creatures stained by the world and her futilities.

But there is still hope if we decide or choose to follow and accept our creator.





You’ve just released « Man Of Gut », a 6 tracks EP full of diversity. In your own words, why should we listen to it (Ps : we already did 😉 ) ?


I think people should listen to MOG because in my opinion it’s very thematic. You have to dig from the title of the EP to the lyrical structure of the songs, the metaphores, the ironic pictures i use, to see how it reflects and deepens what I wanted to portray.

Nowadays most rappers rap without directions and go after a more buzzy way, rather than poetically and artistically share a feeling or story with listeners.




Art is unveiling a cultural expression.



Those days we –IGD Team- talk a lot about creativity and compromises. (Simply said, give to the consumer what he wants rather than what you really want to do. ) what are your thoughts on it ? Have you already been exposed to such dilemma?

I think all artists always give listeners what they want. But all artists do it in different ways. Art is unveiling a cultural expression. An artist shouldn’t give people what he wants but should give them what they want or need in the way he thinks they will best assimilate or respond.


On a general scale, What is your opinion of the Hip Hop in our Country (237) now and which place do you think it should have?

I think the HH scene is very complicated. There is no data or generally accepted archives. It’s a « all man for himself » atmosphere. I think if the industry is well structured HH will influence Cameroon politically, socially and economically.


What is coming next concerning A.K.O for the days (years?) ahead?

To be honest there is much in store not just from A.k.o but from K.G.X.1 (a label I co-founded) in terms of music via other artists, video, events and more. But in the nearest future my album is getting wrapped up.




Un album qui devrait donc voir le jour courant 2017 et sans doute valoir le détour s’il reste fidèle à la vision de l’Art et du Hip Hop de A.K.O. En attendant, l’EP Man of Gut est disponible gratuitement  sur BandCamp & SoundCloud




A Story by Aj.



Crédit Photos : KGX.1

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